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Who we are

It is our goal to build up an integrated system of values, respecting them from individual to team level and witness the integration of each and every one of us in this system. This is the vision we want to develop at REI Development Services.

What can it be more important than to be able to see how even from the General Manager level it is built a culture of joy, smiles, a general wellbeing? It is a great thing to discover the diversity and the way of thinking of each one of us and to succeed in achieving something homogenous, harmonized, that unites us fundamentally.

What challenge could be more special than to discover new things about yourself, to come up with new solution and ideas, along with caring colleagues, that support you and share their own knowledge? We put together, interests, objectives, meanings, emotions and feelings, differently shaped but natural and similar in essence.

We have learned, step by step, that every person is extremely valuable in a multi-cultural society, based on complex concepts, on social and economic integrating systems. We are constantly working to overcome in the most effective way all the barriers and challenges, through building up innovative growth strategies and organizing brainstorming sessions and workshops, to continuously adapt and reshape our projects. That is what we do best!

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Why you should choose to be part of our team

“You can never go wrong when you have a great team to work with.”

Together we are the Team.

We smile, focus, strategize, implement, develop. Every day brings something new, something exciting. This is, in fact, the joy we have at REI. 

We enjoy each and every moment together, we support each other, we focus on our well-being. 


At REI Development Services we constantly invest in people so we can improve in everything we do. We strongly believe that we are more than a good company providing professional services, no matter if we talk about our Customer Service division or the Software Development division.

We are in continuous development and we already integrated a very strong business model, founded on solid values ​​and principles, on technical and soft skills that we are very proud of, having colleagues and teams that are constantly evolving.

Our office is multilingual, our smile speaks them all

We pride ourselves with our working environment, flexible management, with dedicated and passionate team leaders, team members who you can rely on and are always there in case you need support. All this, because we want you to come to work with a smile on your face.


There are six different languages spoken in our office, but never a language barrier.


IT Solutions

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Development of custom software solutions

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Software testing (Quality assurance) and Network operations center

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IT Support Services

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Application support & maintenance

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Customer support

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Why REI Development Services? Our colleagues’ testimonials

Maybe you already know very well, and it sounds a little classic to say that we have many parties at the office and outside the office, that sometimes we go together to see a movie, drink a coffee or a beer or that we organize different team buildings. Maybe not even the Easter, Halloween, Christmas and many other parties that brought us joy and reasons to smile and laugh, do not seem fascinating to you anymore.

But at least we know why our colleagues feel very good at REI.




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+40 726 709 246


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