The state of professional well-being means working in a non-routine environment, which gives you the joy of a beautiful evolution, of professional challenges from all points of view – intellectually, of developed skills, knowledge, internal or external professional relations. And all this without creating any negative feelings, high pressure or much upset.

The personal well-being means the relationship with colleagues, with the boss, with all those with whom I have a connection at work. To feel that I am appreciated, understood, involved as HUMAN, not just as a working employee or a great professional, to feel that what I am as a person matters to those, I stay 8 hours per day with. Moreover, to see that the management has developed a pleasant working environment, friendly, open, full of smiles.

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It’s a very nice working place. I have the opportunity to apply many principles of social, emotional, communicative intelligence and, at the same time, analytical, financial intelligence. And the team manager can say he does his job very well, both at the team level and at the individual level.


Our boss really cares about me and us. Right from the moment of the interview, I felt they cared. It was not just a simple interview or something very formal. We have received from the beginning all the necessary information and attention. I am very pleased. If something can be done better, you are listening, carefully and openly is analyzed each idea of yours, and there is much interest in evolution. Heads are open to feedback and suggestions.”

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I like working in a warm, open, continually expanding company. There is freedom of development and adaptation. We always look for better methods and ideas for development.