IT Solutions

We offer a wide variety of business IT solutions: 

  • Network architecture, design and implementation;
  • Infrastructure evaluation and implementation; 
  • Virtualization;
  • Information technology strategic planning;
  • Server and data design, installation and migration.

Custom software solutions

We develop custom software solutions for the gambling industry, so our customers can benefit of the best and modern architecture for their business. Using a wide variety of technologies and platforms, we create applications for B2B, B2C and internal operations. We offer fast and quality delivery of projects and solutions that meet our customers’ business demands. R.E.I’s team of experts creates and develops custom software having in mind the business needs of our customers. The outcome is a reliable, highly qualitative and economical development code.

Software testing

We test each application and software with great care and attention to details. We meet each demand of our customers, and ensure we deliver a completely functional, stable, secure and user-friendly final product.

Network Operations Center

The Network Operations Center (NOC) offers full services for monitoring and troubleshooting networks, servers, data bases and software applications. The Operations team is available 24/7 and 365 days/year to monitor, manage and take action, in order to ensure the performance and availability of the services. Moreover, our detailed procedures, action plans and multiple available tools offer efficient solutions in all scenarios.

NOC responsibilities:

  • 24/7 monitoring (performance, issues, servers);
  • Expertise and best-practice sharing;
  • Communication and efficient solutions;
  • Detailed reports and analysis;
  • Optimization;
  • Policy enforcement;
  • Incident management;
  • Reporting (performance, quality and optimization);
  • Identifying issues (traceability, manageability, provider of solutions);
  • Operational diagnosis.
IT services

Our IT team is responsible for the IT infrastructure of our customers, including remotely. Our experts will ensure a fully functional IT infrastructure, updated and secure 24/7, allowing our customers to focus on growing their businesses.

The IT department offers complete and efficient infrastructure services, with zero interference on the employees or the workflow of the business, while ensuring the most modern hardware and software systems.

Software management

We offer support and maintenance services to ensure our customers have a correct setup of the software and hardware systems throughout the entire operations process.

Our dedicated support team offers quality services for managing a functional, secure and modern software for our customers.

Customer support

The Customer Support Center is open 24/7 for our customers in the gambling industry. We are available and capable of securing their needs, through professional and efficient services and support, during and after our customers’ needs have been met.

Our dedicated specialists from the Customer Support Center will assist the players with all aspects of gambling through e-mail, chat and phone calls, to ensure the best end-customer experience. The team is multilingual, and we offer support in English, French, German, Italian and Spanish.

Risk management in the gambling industry – we offer this service to secure a detailed Know Your Customer analysis and the authenticity of the transactions in a safe and secure manner, to increase player retention rates, to meet due diligence obligations and to observe the local gambling legislation.