R.E.I Development Services is a young and modern company started in 2016 by Ruben Ibgui, a passionate and ambitious entrepreneur, partner and associate of IMO Services, our sister company with the headquarters in Timișoara, Romania.

Our objective at R.E.I Development Services is to offer our partners, all of them important online casino and sports betting websites, such as NetBet or Casino777, high-quality services in harmony with an integrated system of values. When it comes to Customer Service, Software Development, Games Development and other activities related to the gambling industry, R.E.I Development Services raised the bar for high-quality services.

It all started with a group of only 5 employees in the Customer Service department, offering services for two of our customers in the French-speaking market, 777.be și netbet.fr. Over the next years, the Customer Service department extended to cover Great Britain, Italy, Germany and more recently, Spain.

Following the same strong principles and path, the Software Development department started with PHP projects and continued growing with other services, such as IT, Security, ISO, QA, NOC, Games Development and many others.

We know that R.E.I’s success is only possible with the help of its high-quality, determined employees, always willing to swim against the tide, and we are proud of the R.E.I family!
Our company is member of an international network of companies, which opens up the communication and interaction with customers and offices all around the world.

At R.E.I we promote the qualities of our employees, and we aim at creating a warm, cozy and stable work environment for everyone, while maintaining the same high-quality standards for the services we offer. In other words, we are always connected to our key values: Care, Performance, Transparency, Balance and Attitude.

By joining R.E.I Development Services you will be part of a truly wonderful and international team, where positivity, support and innovation create a pleasant and stress-free work environment.